I always feel the need to apologize everytime it takes me some time to post something. It is like when were kids and we would apologize to our diary for not telling it our secrets for a while. But blogging and creating is all about taking some anxiety of as well, so I’ll cut to the chase. (I’m sorry people I’m so really really sorry! )

It’s already November again so holiday sewing and crafting mood is on! Here are the first things I came up with (holidays with no wine or champagne is no holiday at all )- fabric coasters for you drinks. So, choose your poison! ^_^

Holiday Coasters DIY Holiday Coasters DIY Holiday Coasters DIY Holiday Coasters DIY


Summertime is officialy over now, but a maxi dress with a nice jacket is something you could still wear right? No? Well, I needed an excuse to finish this dress that has been sitting on my desk for over two months (it was a really hot summer -don’t judge! )

DIY Maxi dress

DIY Maxi dress

Anywho, this dress is completely diy, no pattern used except from clothes I already own and love how they fit.

I just followed the outline of a t-shirt that fits well (the fabric for the dress is folded in half), and cut a bit deeper for the neckline. Leave some fabric below you will need it in order to attach the skirt! There are thousands of articles out there on how to make patterns from store- bought clothes so I don’t feel I should explain this any further or maybe sound like I actually know what I’m doing here (though since it is done a bit sloppy maybe I should apologise ^_^ )

DIY Maxi dress DIY Maxi dress

Now that you have your pieces, pin and sew! Jersey is my favourite fabric now that I found out the tricks to sew it ^_^

DIY Maxi Dress

Same goes for the skirt- you can use a skirt you already own or maybe use one of these tutorials?

DIY Maxi Dress

Notice how I just used my pinking shears as the fabric will not fall apart if you don’t hem!

Next thing is attaching the skirt to the shirt. Just mark first where you want your skirt to start and make sure you leave some extra fabric if you want a casing for your elastic. Since the skirt is a bit wider than the shirt, I also did some gathering to match that width. Press, pin and sew!

DIY Maxi Dress DIY Maxi Dress

Close the casing and place the elastic (your waist measurement) inside (you could just sew the elastic on the fabric, but then you would need the length of the elastic stretched to match the width of the skirt- this is easier I guess!)

Now, you don’t need to hem but I like attention to details so maybe hem? ^_^ And maybe use a matching cord also? ^_^

DIY Maxi Dress DIY Maxi Dress

The beautiful yet unknown island of Kythnos, just a couple of hours from Athens, has about 60 beaches, and there is just not enough time to capture all of its beauty. Enjoy 🙂 ^_^

Παραλία Σιμουσί, ΚύθνοςKolona beach, Kythnos Δρυοπίδα, Κύθνος Dryopida, Kythnos Gaidouromantra beach, Kythnos Skylou Beach, Kythnos Skylou Beach, Kythnos Παραλία Λουτρά, Κύθνος

Hoorah! My first dress is finally here- so proud ^_^

Simple A-line Jersey Dress

My guide was this pattern but since I skipped the shirring waistband, I had to narrow it down a little bit.I picked a lightweight jersey knit fabric becaude I love how it feels, but damn it was hard to sew and hem!

After lots and lots of testing and tutorial reading, I had the result I wanted with the combination of a jersey ballpoint needle, polyester thread and lowest pressure on foot (-5 on my toyota machine). I’m gonna be making lots and lots of jersey clothes now ^_^

Jersey neckline hem  Jersey fabric dress hem

I found Trash to Couture’s tutorial very useful- used it as a starting point and made a few adjustments myself.

This was a gift for my friend and fellow crafter Green Ladybag -enjoy! ^_^

???????????????????????????????????? DIY BackpackDIY Backpack

DIY Backpack DIY Backpack

My niece is a huge fan of Frozen and has been asking for Elsa’s dress for quite some time now. I decided to improvise and heres how it looks- she doesn’t want to wear her pajamas anymore now ^_^

I used a t-shirt on her size so she stays warm too, went on to sew some light blue fabric on it, and silver trimming for a more spectacular result. For the skirt, I also added some tulle and lining, and of course a rip as it is all about the details from the film. ( I know I skipped some steps in the pictures -promise to be better in the future!)

I turned the leftover tulle into a veil and added some silver trimming as well. Now she has been asking for Anna’s dress- oh well ^_^

DSC_0041 DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0050

DSC_0053 DSC_0056

I find pillows to be one of the easiest things to do to change your home decoration, and one of the cheapest as well. I added zippers so I can also wash them easily (and change them as soon as I get bored of them, which will be soon I guess, I am not very strong minded ^_^ ). I found this tutorial on youtube to be very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-QV3kA8WIM And voila the results! ^_^

DSC_0015 DSC_0017 DSC_0035 DSC_0037

This was made as a gift a while back and I am happy to see my friend still wearing it! The lining was made from an old curtain’s scraps- it has been upcycled completely by now I think! My only regret is I did not place the magnetic snap before sewing the lining so now it shows- note to self for the future ^_^



Well the bigger size did not come up exactly as hoped for, but it serves its cause anyway. Tip: For the interfacing I used a hood filter, so it’s super soft and fluffy ^_^




This was made as a gift for an 11′ inch laptop.

Turned out cute for a first attempt!

handmade laptop case